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SSH without password onto different machines

Just a note to self. There are plenty of tutorials, a short one is here:

You want to ssh without password from host A to B:
on host A, run the following. Give the default answer for every question (just hit enter 3 times):
  ssh-keygen -t dsa
then, still on host A, transfer to host B:
  cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh B 'cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys'
You'll have to enter your password a final time. Afterwards, you should be able to do
  ssh B
without any password.

Actually, it's apparently better to use a passphrase and then cahce the login credentials using ssh-agent. See the following docs:
If you do above password-less login only on a subnet with local users you should still be fairly safe.

(2010-03-19, edited 2010-04-06)